Does not contain animal-derived
components (Lenten)


Classic Italian food is all about impeccable taste and unforgettable experience.

Lasagna is a dish made of several layers of baked dough (usually six) alternated with various fillings from minced meat to vegetable or mushroom ragu. Cannelloni are a cylindrical type of pasta stuffed with a mix of béchamel sauce and a variety of products (cheese, smoked fish, meat, vegetables, etc.). You can improvise, ignore the rules, combine different products and in the end get an absolutely new and sometimes unexpected result.

Prepare the filling of your choice. For lasagna alternate the layers with the filling and for cannelloni – cut dough into squares, distribute the filling and fold into a cylindrical shape. Then add sauce and cheese to both, place butter on top and bake in the oven: lasagna for 30-45 minutes, cannelloni – for 20 minutes.

There is something we recommend in order to improve your cooking experience. Before you start unrolling your dough, take it out of your refrigerator, and while you take your time with your fillings or oven keep it 20-30 min at the room temperature in order to restore its elasticity.

INGREDIENTS: durum high-grade wheat flour 50%, high-grade wheat flour 50%, water, olive oil, salt.

Nutritional info Per 100 g: Proteins – 11.5 g; Fats – 5.3 g; Carbohydrates – 51.6 g

Energy – 318 kcal (1330 kJ)

Storage: keep refrigerated at +2°C — +4°C for 45 days.

Use within 3 days of opening. 

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