Does not contain animal-derived
components (Lenten)

Fresh Dough rounds for dumplings

We offer you fresh dough rounds for dumplings. All you need to do is be creative, choose the filling, seal them to form a crescent and you can have any food you want – meat dumplings in a broth, dumplings with meat or vegetable filling and sweet dumplings with cottage cheese or berries for dessert. Just try it; it’s a lot of fun and it’s tasty.

If necessary add flour to keep the dough from sticking. If the edges do not stick together well sprinkle them with water or egg white.

Drop the dumplings into salted, boiling water, stir cafefully to keep them from sticking and boil for 5-7 minutes.

There is something we recommend in order to improve your cooking experience. Before you start unrolling your dough, take it out of your refrigerator, and while you take your time with your fillings or oven keep it 20-30 min at the room temperature in order to restore its elasticity.

INGREDIENTS: high-grade wheat flour 70%, durum high-grade wheat flour 30%, water, sunflower oil, salt.

Nutritional info Per 100 g: Proteins – 7.3 g; Fats – 5.7 g; Carbohydrates – 44.4 g

Energy – 262 kcal (1096 kJ)

Storage: keep refrigerated at +2°C — +4°C for 45 days. Use within 3 days of opening. If desired or required, the product may be frozen and stored additionally for 90 days at –18°C – 25°C.

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