Revolution on your kitchen!


Fresh dough and pasta that do not require defrosting!

Fresh dough preserves taste and nutritional value for 45 days

Contains no preservatives. Natural juice colored.

Pasta produced from durum wheat flour based on the best Italian traditions.

Fresh pasta is all about reviving the old family atmosphere, when the food was homemade.

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One of the top chefs worked on creation of this product and we can now proudly offer you not only fresh dough, but also ravioli with various fillings to satisfy any taste: fresh ravioli with salmon, ricotta and spinach, minced rabbit, mozzarella and mushroom.

Cooking this popular in Europe type of pasta takes a lot of time and effort. That is why we decided to help our customers – you only need to boil our ravioli and choose the sauce to go with them.


І. Do not freeze our products.

ІІ. All fillings are made of high quality products (no surrogates is the golden rule of our company).

Exquisite taste and home-made freshness of ravioli from Kulinarium Meister is a satisfaction that you should not resist.


Our product fundamentally differs from all earlier proposed types of dough as it fully preserves the properties of freshly knead dough.

Do not be surprised by the word “fresh” on the label. We have used progressive technologies to develop it. The secret lies in the special package that extends shelf life of the product to 45 days.

Kulinarium Meister will be a great aid for those who value their time and who also want to treat their families or friends to exquisite and healthy food cooked with one’s own hands.

Two undisputable advantages of Kulinarium Meister products:

І. Freshness without preservatives. Thanks to the special package the freshly knead dough preserves vitamins, nutrients and flavor. Furthermore, there is no need to defreeze the dough. Just take it and cook with it!

ІІ. Fast and home-made cooking. Our products give you a chance to show your skills as a cook and save time.

If you are planning to gather your family and friends for a meal, you should keep in mind that the products from dough is your best choice as the smell of it gives you the sense of coziness, peace, and home atmosphere.

The process of kneading dough takes a lot of time and efforts, which is why we have done the preparation for you: knead the dough, rolled it out to a thin sheet and placed it on the parchment paper, cut the pasta and cut out the rounds for the dumplings. All you are left to do is to come up with the filling.

Making the products from fresh dough we convey our warm attitude towards our customers. When you open the package of Kulinarium Meister product you understand that we have taken care of the essentials and all you need to do is contribute your heart and feelings into the dish that you are about to cook.

Say ‘goodbye’ to the routine in your life; diversify your life and experiment! Do not put it off until tomorrow, because today’s dinner is already a chance to surprise your loved oneS with something special or make something interesting together with your children, who are very excited to see you after work.

Kulinarium Meister is ready to assist you in this.

With just a light touch of your hand…


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